Liquid Silver Necklace

About the Liquid Silver Necklace

If you are looking for a stunningly beautiful, unique piece of jewelry consider a liquid silver necklace. A liquid silver necklace is both elegant and understated. It is made from liquid silver beads also called silver Heishi. These small tube shaped beads combine to look like a silver rope. When strung together in several strands they look like cascading water. That is why they are referred to as liquid silver. Made from .925 sterling silver, the tiny liquid silver beads are often combined with turquoise and used in Native American designs.

Liquid Silver Necklace Styles

There are a number of different types of beads which are used to make liquid silver necklaces. Popular liquid silver necklaces can be made from capsule beads, Heishi beads, Heishi corrugated tube beads, and tube beads. The liquid silver beads are sometimes used as a secondary design element in necklaces. They are sometimes used as spacers, or to create an unusual look. Capsule and tube beads are often used for those purposes. But when designers want a real liquid silver necklace Heishi beads are what they use.

Many people like liquid silver necklaces because of their versatility. Liquid silver necklaces can be used to make any type of outfit look good. People can also wear liquid silver necklaces for any occasion. It is not unusual to see people wearing liquid silver necklaces with formal wear or casual clothing. Depending on how they are worn liquid silver necklaces can either blend in or stand out. In many social situations people are drawn to liquid silver necklaces and it is not rare for the person wearing the liquid silver necklace to be the center of attention.

While liquid silver necklaces are stunningly beautiful and interesting to look at, many people combine Heishi beads with gold beads to create interesting jewelry. Indeed multiple strands of Heishi beads on liquid silver necklaces look great with a shimmering waterfall effect or in a twisted design. A liquid silver necklace combined with bugles or gemstones also create an amazing look. They draw attention to the liquid silver necklace in a way few things can. Blending in additional gemstones can really take the look of the liquid silver necklaces to another level.

A liquid silver necklace is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. The necklaces offer a great value for the money and look great in a wide variety of settings whether it is worn alone or in combination with bracelets, earrings, necklaces or pins made with Heishi beads. However the way the liquid silver necklace is cleaned plays an important role in how it looks.

When cleaning a tarnished silver necklace one should sprinkle a good deal of dry baking soda onto a soft cloth. Holding the cloth in the palm of the hand, rub the strands firmly as you pull them through the cloth. When you are finished shake off the excess baking soda. This will allow the necklace to shine, look its best and continue to attract much attention for many years.

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